About Elaine

For over 12 years I have created some of the most unique and original Cigar box purses and lamps. Each is a one-of-a-kind creation and hand-made. I custom design my purses for every occasion, from fun to formal, classy to casual there is something for everyone.

I started designing my Cigar Box Art in 2002. The first few years it was mainly purses, but soon I was inspired to create something different. I began designing fun lamps.
All of my Art work starts with genuine, wood Cigar Boxes. All of the materials I use are of the highest quality, but I use just about anything to create these fun and functional pieces of art. From fabricated hardware and recycled pieces to antique items, almost everything has a use in my studio. The few things I cannot make, find, recycle or fabricate, I design and have made. I use leather, chain and cording for my shoulder straps. All of my beaded handles are hand made as well. I use metal, leather and wood on the handles. A few boxes are left simple, but most are painted, glittered, studded or covered. I use Swarovski Crystals, vintage 45 records, wine and campaign labels, fur, leather and feather on the outside. On the inside the purses are lined and trimmed with designer fabrics, including leather, suede, silks, embroidery, and tapestry.It is a never ending effort to create each one as an individual piece, unlike any other. My styles are from years of trial and error, lots of practice.